Can you retain standard button position/styling while “One at a time” desktop interaction?


I like the “One at a time” interaction for most survey questions on both desktop and mobile. Who wants to click Next when they don’t have to right?

Problem is, with larger screens, having to click a button in the bottom right corner (for question types and elements that don’t auto-advance) is less convenient, and associated questions with conditional display logic don’t look as nice when they appear as a totally separate question.

Is there a way to keep the positioning of the Next and Back buttons immediately following the question text like they do for “Standard” interaction? That way I can gain the convenience of “one at a time” without sacrificing convenience for elements it doesn’t work with.

I’ve managed to move the buttons to the top of the page and centered with some CSS, but it would look much nicer in the standard format. It seems like there is some styling that is optimized for mobile that just got copied over for the desktop interaction.

If I could request features:

  • Ability to set interaction at the page level (i.e. only use “One at a time” for specific questions/pages)
  • More options for button position/styling that aren’t overridden by interaction type (including the option to use the arrow with standard interaction)
    • change button styling for desktop without affecting mobile
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