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We are looking for a way to retain answers a respondent has provided to questions that are complete and will be hidden when the respondent returns to the first page of the survey through an edit link. The survey is 2 weeks long; each day the respondent will choose which questions to answer (not predictable). When the selected questions are answered for the day the respondent is sent to a terminal page containing a “send e-mail” action with an edit link. Upon return – to the first page of the survey – the previously completed questions are hidden and the respondent chooses a different set of questions to answer. We are using show/hide logic for the questions (depending on what the respondent selects). Is there a way to bypass an answered question so that the answer remains recorded at the end of the 2 weeks?


Thank you for your help.

Robert Knight asked

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    I suggest taking a look at this article (it may be exactly what you are looking for):


    I’m not sure exactly how this would work with your specific workflow but may be something you want to take a look at.

    Hope this points you in the right direction.

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Thank you Dominic. Although the questions are not radio button format I found the fix after following your link. Question >Edit > Logic >

      Save this question’s data if hidden after initially shown Thank you!

      Robert Knight answered


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