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I am on the free trial. 

I want to send out a survey, but it says that results will expire after 12 hours. 

Does this mean I can only see the results that were given within that 12 hour window? Even though the trail is good for 7 days?

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      During the Trial Period, you will be able to report on the most recent 12 hours of data. This means that when you log in to your trial account and navigate to a Report, that report will display only results that were collected within the most recent 12 hours.

      For example, if you collect results on day 1 of your trial and log in again on day 4 of the trial, those day-1-results would not be visible in reports. This limitation only applies to trial accounts.

      I hope this helps clarify! I have included a link below that touches on a couple other limitations specific to trial accounts:

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    Thanks for posting to the Community Forum.  It seems that your question is directed to SurveyGizmo so I have flagged your posting for their attention.  Other SurveyGizmo users in the forum might be able to provide some guidance, but SurveyGizmo will be able to provide you with an ‘official’ answer.

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