Why do my results continue to export with useless words and not sequential numbers on some questions?


Built and ran a survey using, stupidly, “auto” reporting values for my questions. When I saw the exported results, I went back in to the now complete survey and changed to sequential on every one of my ~250 questions. When I re-import, the vast majority of questions do properly show sequential numbers, but some of them — the second question and the final 17 or so — continue, no matter how many times I check the settings, change them back to auto, then to sequential or custom, etc — continue to display the “auto” values instead of the correct question text. WHY? 

Ken S Alper answered

    I hadn’t previously tried that — I manually opened each of the questions in the survey, clicked “advanced option settings,” and changed the radio button under “Reporting Values” from “Auto” to “Sequential.” 

    I’ve now tried what you suggest, and after waiting a good 20 minutes, tried re-exporting; nothing has changed. My exports still contain words instead of numbers on a large number of questions. (The problem actually begins earlier in the export than I previously realized; I have a bunch of radio button grid questions that I AM allowing to report back auto-selected values, so I didn’t realize that questions coming before some of them are also displaying words instead of numerals. 

    In the (hopefully) attached screen shot of my export, you can see how columns IV through JA contain numerals, as they should, but JA and beyond contain words, which they should not. 

    Ken S Alper answered

      Sorry, the image didn’t load; I put it on imgur instead: 

      Ken S Alper answered

        Hi Ken,

        I am not sure if I understand the issue the 100%.  Have you updated the settings under advanced>General>Reporting values to customized reporting values?

        Let me know if I am missing the mark and I will ask SurveyGizmo Support to followup directly. 
        Thank you,Mary 

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