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Is there a way to produce Result chart action for selected group (not for all participants) based on answer on the previous question? (ID:2440921)


Dragan Kljujic

drandreaevans asked
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    This is not what I want. After page 2 (select evaluator) I am trying to generate page which will display all the evaluations Evaluator 1 completed. The logic for the page or for display of the Results Chart can be used only to chose if Results Chart will be displayed or not. I need Result Chart which will filter only evaluations Evaluator 1 completed. The next page will contain Results Chart only for evaluations of Evaluator 2 and so on…

    So, I do not need Results Chart with summary report for all evaluations all evaluations completed, I need to display Results Charts for each evaluator. 

    I hope I was more concrete this time. Many thanks for your help.


    drandreaevans answered
      • Unfortunately, we do not have a way to filter results charts in that way. You may be able to build something with some custom scripting, but there is nothing built in at this time. Sorry about that!


      Hi Dragan!

      Yes, that is possible :) I would recommend using logic to control whether a respondent sees your Result Chart action or not. Either question or page logic would work well for this. Either will have the same end result as far as your Result Chart is concerned, so it just depends on whether or not you want just the Result Chart to have logic or the entire page it is on.

      I hope this helps!

      Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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