How to restore a deleted survey?


I accidentally deleted a survey.  There are very clear instructions about restoring deleted surveys, but they aren’t working.  Any advice?

kim answered
    kim 13 Rep.

    I have the free account, and I’ve deleted two surveys, one of which was a mistake, and I want to get it back.  However, I don’t see the “deleted” folder under my surveys list.  Yet there’s a (3) that shows up after I hover over the “All Surveys” link to the left of my surveys.  I’m guessing the 3 is there to show the surveys I’ve had in total.  How can I get to the folder of deleted surveys?

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      • Hi Kim,

        I’m very sorry for the trouble with the deleted survey! I open a support ticket on your behalf so that we can help you get this sorted out. Please respond to the ticket at your convenience and we will be happy to assist!

        We look forward to hearing back from you.

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      Dominic, That’s EXACTLY what it was!!  Thanks so much.  I am happy to know why the directions weren’t working for me.  TGIF.  Karen


      klgeney answered

        If you are on a free account, there is a limit of three surveys – if you already have three surveys in your account you would not be able to restore a survey to be the fourth.

        I’m not sure if that is what you are running into but I thought I would mention it just in case.

        Hope this helps!

        Dominic Sharpe answered


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