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We created a single survey to be shared/used to capture responses by various/different groups who would access the same survey either simultaneously and/or at separate times.

We created additional tracking links with group names in an attempt to track the responses of the individually separate/differing groups, using their “source tracking” name/link.

However, the “additional links” reference the main survey and any responses from the separate groups are aggregated as one unit with no apparent differentiation. Admittedly, this is critical when generating an aggregate report for all groups participating in the survey.

Thus, the question is how can we differentiate the responses from the “different groups” so that we can generate reports on an individual group basis?

Thank you.

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    Both the Filtering and Segmenting capabilities of reports can use the Survey Link for differentiation.

    You can also include the link information when downloading the data to CSV/Excel/SPSS

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      • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to our question. The included links are tremendously helpful as references . Again, we’re very appreciative and enjoy your day!



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