Is there a way to keep a non-response on a non-required question from being counted as a partial response?


At the end of my survey, I ask the respondent to provide their contact info if they wouldn’t mind be contacted about their response.  It is not required to fill that out.  Is there a way to keep the lack of contact info from being counted as a partial response (other than splitting into separate pages)?

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    We typically use a radio-button question to ask respondents if they would like to be contacted and make it a required question.  If they answer YES then a contact form question appears (using question logic).  If they answer NO, then the respondent can hit the SUBMIT button and complete the survey.

    For clients that want to keep respondent contact information separate from survey responses, we use the same YES/NO question to enable a URL Redirect on the Thank You page to a separate survey that collects the contact information.

    I hope that this was helpful – the terminology in your post title is a little confusing.  A partial response occurs when a respondent leaves a survey before hitting the SUBMIT button on the final page, but your question seems to be about a specific question.

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