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I have a survey that we use uploaded passwords for. Each password has multiple respondents, and the number of respondents per password varies. In the past, we have distributed the survey outside of SG, but we would like to be able to use the Email Campaign feature to send out the survey to each group’s administrator if it could help us automate the reminder/follow-up process. Is there a way, when uploading a file with passwords and contact info data for an email campaign, to set the expected number of responses for each multi-use password so that we could send a reminder if the response rates are low? And a second question: In this same scenario, would there be a way to set different reminder dates for different passwords?

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Lola Gill answered
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    The SurveyGizmo Reminder capabilities do not currently allow for this type of specificity for Reminder scheduling.

    When you create Reminders, the reminder messages are configured to send to all respondents who have either not started or are a Partial response. As such, sending reminder to specific individuals based on password would be an extremely manual process (creating new email campaigns, data mining, etc.)

    There are some helpful documents that might be helpful if you decide to explore this further.

    This document talks about how you can go about sending reminders to just specific individuals:

    I imagine you could repurpose this for your use case.

    Lola Gill answered


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