Response Rates from aggregating all survey campaigns


I basically want to know the response rates of my surveys. 

However, I have several email campaigns, all meant for different segments and users. 

Let’s say I have 100 different campaigns under the same survey project. 

Out of those 100 campaigns, some had 50 users emailed, some had 100, and some had 20. The point is, I have many different numbers here of users emailed to take a survey. 

I want to aggregate what these total emails sent are, and then find how many users actually answered each campaign. This way I can have a true “Response Rate” at an aggregate level. 

Does anyone know any best practices to do this? And so that I don’t have to go campaign by campaign counting how many users were emailed and how many responded? 

Your help is much appreciated! Thanks SG Community! 😀

Tania answered

    I would like to know how to do this as well.  It seems you used to be able to do it using Results Overview but that function has now been removed.  Frustrating!


    Tania edited answer

      I’m not sure if there are any specific best practices I can personally offer – I do know that this response rate calculation is not currently available in SG across multiple campaigns.

      I think the best current option here may be to download the status log file for each campaign (‘Export Contacts with Send Status’ on the Contacts page of an email campaign).

      You can then combine the status log files from multiple campaigns into one excel spreadsheet. The status log files have data on the sends (columns E-G) and also has a Response ID column (I). One way of going about this is to total the cells in column I that have data and divide this by the number of data pieces in column G for example.

      Either way, it seems like doing this involves some manual data work.

      I’m curious to see if any other folks have better suggestions…

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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