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I cannot find an easy way to download response rate statistics during a survey that is more detailed than all responses (except for time). What I would need in a corporate survey to see the response rate % for each division during the survey so that we can act on divisions that are behind (not through reminder emails, but live). So how can I easily get response rate % by division?


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    I have only seen response rate data in email campaigns. If you’re planning ahead, you could break your email list up in to separate email campaigns, one campaign for each division. This will give you statistics for each separate division.

    If you’ve already sent the survey out and “division” is a question or field you’ve captured in your survey, you can get the numbers you need by creating a summary report and filtering it to show only Complete responses. The chart for your division question/field will show you how many Completes are in each division. If you know how many total employees are in each division, this should make it possible to calculate response rates.

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