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Can anyone help me figure out how to create a report that I can share with a URL for a colleague who doesn’t have a Survey Gizmo login.  It seems strange that I can create all manner of reports and share this way, but not share a response rate (one of the most common pieces of info that we are interested in).

To clarify, I’m running a survey at my organization and we administer by inviting participants via campaign; not using a generic URL.  I can see the response rates as a metric when I log in, but I want to share it with others.


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    Hi Betsy,

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    Unfortunately, there is not a way directly built into SurveyGizmo to include this information in a report to share externally. However, there may be a workaround that could work to achieve something that would work. Essentially you could take a screenshot of the results you want to display and insert them into a report following these steps.

    1. Take a screenshot of the results you’d like to share.
    2. Add the screenshot image to your SurveyGizmo File Library.  Here is documentation on how you can add files to the file library: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/libraries
    3.  Take the embed link of the image you just uploaded in the File Library
    4. Add a text element to a Summary Report and paste the embed link from your screenshot uploaded to the File Library. You can then move this image and use HTML to style it to your liking.  Here is our documentation on adding elements to Summary Reports: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/summary-report#adding-and-deleting-questionsscreenshot uploaded to the File Library. You can then move this image and use HTML to style it to your liking.
    5. Finally, simply share your survey link to have others view the screenshot added to your report.




    Note: The image would need to be updated each time you share the report. 


    Take a look over these steps and let me know if you think something like this would work!


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