Response Option – Choose all that apply


I can’t find the response option for “Choose All that Apply”

kalen7 answered

    Hi Mary –

    Never mind! I discovered the problem: I had been using radio buttons instead of checkboxes!

    Have a good day!

    kalen7 answered

      Hi Mary –

      I can’t find out how to do this. When I click on +New “Other” N/A Etc. I get the option of adding all of the above or none of the above but NOT “Check all that apply” (that is, ONLY the ones that apply). 


      And the “+new “Other…” box doesn’t even appear when I try to edit a question with a list of checkboxes in a previously created survey. But in that survey, when someone clicks on one check box, if she then clicks on a different checkbox the first one is Unchecked.


      Please call me at 303-589-7107 or if you can’t do that, email me at and tell me how I can create a list of checkboxes that allows people to check as many as they like?


      Thanks much!

      kalen7 answered

        Hi There,

        Check out this help article for more information:  You can add check all that apply through “+New “Other”, “N/A”, Etc” in the question builder




        Mary L (Moderator) answered


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