Response count available, no data in report


I have received responses for my survey. When I generate reports, no data is available for each of the questions (this has only occurred in the last couple of days, the data was available previously).

How do I resolve this issue? Do I have to restore the survey?



Kate Russo answered

    I am having this problem too.  There are over 90 responses, and the data are filled in, I can access each individual survey.  But when I request a report, I get this:  “LOOKS LIKE YOU DON’T HAVE ANY RESPONSES YET”.  Then there is some data reported, 59 cases.  

    I don’t trust what is happening – can anyone help?  


    Lola Gill commented

      Thank you Lola for your comment – it happens even though I’m trying to open up a new report.  I will follow your suggestion and make a direct comment as something aint right!  I’m an experienced user of survey gizmo and this is a new issue. Thanks so much.  

      Kate Russo answered

        I suggest exporting the response data and reviewing it Excel. My first guess is that your survey is being opened but none of the questions are being answered.  Looking at the raw data for the last couple of days might help you understand what is going on.

        Jim W (Moderator) answered


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