[Solved] Respondents using browser back button results in duplicate responses (in surveys launched via default link)



I’ve noticed on a survey I’m testing, which uses the default survey link, that if the respondent submits their response then hits back in the browser, they are returned to the survey page showing their responses. If they then hit submit again, instead of re-submitting/updating the same response, this creates a duplicate response, with exactly the same details (which is obviously problematic, impacts reporting etc).

Is this expected behaviour?  Or a bug?  

Given the user is returned to a page showing their own responses, my expectation would be that any subsequent changes/re-submission would update the existing response rather than create a new copy of it. 

Is there a way to prevent this occurring (other than using an email campaign with unique survey links which I imagine resolves the issue, but isn’t appropriate for this project)? It also wouldn’t be appropriate for us to amend the duplicate protection settings to restrict responses to one per computer/by IP address, as the same individual may have cause to legitimately complete more than one response.

Can anyone advise?


Katie asked

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    Hi Katie,


    I could see this happening if they hit back on the browser and refreshed the link. This would create a new session and a new response. There isn’t really a way to stop this without setting up some sort of duplicate protection.

    We could make this a forward only survey but that won’t stop them from using their back button in the browser.


    If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us via email (support@sgizmo.com) or chat !


    Thanks- Ian

    Ian-SurveyGizmo answered


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