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I have set up a secure page for respondents to sign up on my website with username and password. When they set up on my page, they get access to my survey (embedded from Survey Gizmo). The survey is big and will require respondents to save and return later. I would like for them to return to the login page on my site, put their password in and they can get back to their survey where they left off. How can I set this up?

It appears the only way for them to return to their survey is through the edit link, which doesn’t seem to let me brand it. When they receive the email, it is a Survey Gizmo email. If there is no way for them to return to my site and login to complete the survey, how can (at least) I brand the edit email and link?

Dyron Jolly247193 answered

    I tried the sguid code that you listed above but it still isn’t allowing respondents to return back to where they left off.

    Dyron Jolly247193 answered
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      What you have sounds like a good case for the sguid variable. See:

      I am not sure what system you are using for the website log-in or the Gizmo embedding, but if you can embed the survey with a URL ending in something like:


      you should be all set.

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