How do allow respondents to repeat a survey WITHOUT re-entering all entries?


I have a survey now that allows people to nominate individuals for a particular cause.  There can enter up to 5 names and email addresses into the survey.  Two problems:


  1. Managing the data later is a bit messy. I’d like the name and email addresses to be on a separate row, not the same one. 
  2. Some people nominate more than 5 people so we tell them to take the survey again.

This is what I’d like to do:

Allow nominators to enter their own name and contact information,  then nominate an individual, then either quit or enter another individual. If they choose to enter another person I could simply link to the same survey but I don’t the nominator to have to re-enter their name and contact info each time. 


Thanks for any suggestions!

Paul Suszynski answered

    kenfuternick, this is something that I struggled with as well. The solution that we arrived at was to send respondents back into the survey as their cloned self. We capture their sguid at the beginning of the survey, then when they indicate needing to go back through a question again, we’ll create skip logic that re-enters them in the survey at that exact point using the following bit of code in the url redirect: “__starget=[page ID]”. We’ll place their sguid in the url as well, renaming it. Then we’ll manipulate their sguid by adding a “b”, “c”, or “d” at the end of it; this allows the respondent to enter the survey again with a unique sguid, but links back to their original entry, allowing for the aggregation of their demographic information. This allows for the analysis of all observations to be conducted by analyzing only one variable – much easier!


    Then, when they’re done with that page, which they’ve now seen multiple times, they’ll be sent back to their original survey by placing their original sguid back in the url.


    Redirect template: Assume a survey with Gizmo ID 12345 named Survey12345. Note the added “b” after the bracketed sguid=url(“sguid”) bit. This manipulation is what creates the cloned survey, while keeping sguidsave=url(“sguid”) links back to their original.[page ID for your repeated page]&sguid=[url(“sguid”)]b&sguidsave=[url(“sguid”)]


    I hope this helps!

    Patrick Hoga edited answer

      I put a link on the thank you page that captures the information (name, address etc) from the form they just filled out that pre populates the new iteration of the form. So it would look something like this:

      <a href=”[question(‘option value’), id=’3′, option=’10001’]&email=[question(‘option value’), id=’3′, option=’10002’]&s-name=[question(‘option value’), id=’12’, option=’10009’]&s-email=[question(‘option value’), id=’12’, option=’10010’]&e-name=[question(‘option value’), id=’7′, option=’10005’]&e-email=[question(‘option value’), id=’7′, option=’10006’]&po=[question(‘value’), id=’4’]&sn=[question(‘value’), id=’5’]&wo=[question(‘value’), id=’6’]”>SUBMIT ANOTHER REQUEST</a>


      You will have to put in a variable in the default value of every question, ie.[url(“name”)].

      Paul Suszynski edited answer

        1] I am going to assume that when you talk about separate rows, you are referring to the way that an export file appears in Excel.  Each row represents the response from a single database session/response record, so SurevyGizmo will be unable to present the data from a single response session in separate rows.  If you have MS Access, you should be able to build a query that yeilds a useful report from an export file.

        2] Instead of forcing your nominators to play games, you could use the CUSTOM GROUP type question to capture the nominee information.  This question type has an Add-As-Needed function that allows respondents to repeat the question as many times as needed –

        This does not solve your first problem, but it will make entering nominations much easier for your respondents.

        Good luck.

        Jim W (Moderator) edited answer


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