How do allow respondents to repeat a survey WITHOUT re-entering all entries?


I have a survey now that allows people to nominate individuals for a particular cause.  There can enter up to 5 names and email addresses into the survey.  Two problems:


  1. Managing the data later is a bit messy. I’d like the name and email addresses to be on a separate row, not the same one. 
  2. Some people nominate more than 5 people so we tell them to take the survey again.

This is what I’d like to do:

Allow nominators to enter their own name and contact information,  then nominate an individual, then either quit or enter another individual. If they choose to enter another person I could simply link to the same survey but I don’t the nominator to have to re-enter their name and contact info each time. 


Thanks for any suggestions!

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    1] I am going to assume that when you talk about separate rows, you are referring to the way that an export file appears in Excel.  Each row represents the response from a single database session/response record, so SurevyGizmo will be unable to present the data from a single response session in separate rows.  If you have MS Access, you should be able to build a query that yeilds a useful report from an export file.

    2] Instead of forcing your nominators to play games, you could use the CUSTOM GROUP type question to capture the nominee information.  This question type has an Add-As-Needed function that allows respondents to repeat the question as many times as needed –

    This does not solve your first problem, but it will make entering nominations much easier for your respondents.

    Good luck.

    Jim W (Moderator) edited answer


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