How can I make sure that all my respondents finish the whole survey instead of partially?


I opened my survey and sent an email campaign, but when I look at 

the response, many people partially answered the survey. 

Is there an option to ensure that all respondents complete the entire survey?

And if not, the whole survey shouldn’t count as a reponse. 

Dominic Sharpe answered

    I think Mary’s suggestion is best here – SurveyGizmo collects data on page submission, so for multi-page surveys, as soon as the first page is submitted a response is created and will remain partial until the respondent makes it to the Thank You page.

    You might also consider filtering your dataset within reports and exports to only include Complete responses:

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Hi Info90,

      You can disqualify a response if you do not want to include it in the reporting.  Check out this article for more information: 


      Mary L (Moderator) answered


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