Why do my respondents often get error messages?


I work in a school and I use a short survey every day to gather data about how many students bring lunch without rubbish. Every day I get a message from different staff members saying once they click submit they aren’t taken to the Thank You page. They then refresh and input the data again, however I have already received the information and then end up with double the data.

Does this happen to other users often? Is there anything that can be done to fix it? I use Survey Gizmo because it was an easy option for me to collect all the data, but I’m thinking of trying another survey website to ensure data is consistent and the website is easy to use.

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    Not sure, have not run into that yet. Have you tried contacting Surveygizmo to find out?

    tferguson answered

      Are you using a wireless network to collect this data? You may want to look into it’s capacity first.  Surveys send a lot of information back and forth between the server and the client, and if you have multiple respondents sending responses to the server at the same time, you may be maxing out your network.  Switching to a different application may not solve the problem

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