[Solved] How to make a respondent able to answer a survey multiple times on different day when using sguid=?user_id?




I want to send a email that measure the satisfaction of a customer through time (so on different days). For this survey I work with sguid=?user_id for a specific customer. 


It there a way to make one customer answer the same survey multiple times (for e.g. by adding a date to the survey link? )





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    The sguid will not allow multiple responses for any specific user. So if you have sguid=1234, the 1234 user will only be allowed one response in the survey.

    Sguid has special functionality in that it provides a built-in ‘save & continue’ option, as well as single response per user.

    In order for respondents to be able to provide more than one response to the same survey, they will either need different sguid values, or you will need to consider creating a different url variable (any variable other than sguid will not carry this one-response per person functionality).

    I hope this helps!

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