Resizing iframe crossdomain


I have survey gizmo in an iframe and resize the iframe onload and let the iframe trigger a url refresh in the parent window to resize the iframe if needed. (like in Only this can only be done on first load and first page.

The problem is when I have a second page. Survey gizmo triggers a window load when a next page is loaded. Isn’t there a way to refresh only the form container with innerhtml changes (like in one page apps) so the browserwindow doesn’t reload? Or is reloading the frame on page change a requirement for survey gizmo to work?

Or has anybody solved the iframe height resize possibility in a different way?

ghostbuster90 answered

    I stay well away from iframes. They can cause many issues. 

    KiwiJoker answered

      We have to resort to iframes now because the script embed is not working anymore for private safari and firefox browsers

      ghostbuster90 answered


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