Reseting a series of questions with custom or java script


hey fellow SG users,
I’m looking for a way to reset some answers mid-survey based on logical conditions and send the user back to an earlier page of the survey to change his answers. 
prefferably with an explainnation of why he was bounced.

I assume it is to be done either custom scripts or JS.

the scenario is:
we have team leaders who need to complete surives (several copy-paste pages of the same questioniere for each leader) regarding their workers, the workers need to be of a certien class\rank\status, which is based on sevral questions.
I want to create a script that after the series of questions is completed, checks if the worker is valied, and if it isn’t:
A. sends the survey back to a certien page (the beginning of the sub section)
B clears all the answers from the answers block.

I’m using radio, radio_other, checkboxes, text,tables and piping in each block.

I hope someone can help.

for refernces i’ve looked at:

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