How do I reset a question so it must be re-answered if the survey is edited?


I have a form that asks, as the last question (required), if the information is ready for submission. Problem is, if someone goes in and edits the form, I need to know if their edits have changed the status from “not ready” to “ready” or to “re-submit as ready”. I didn’t see anything in the logic options that allowed for this functionality. I  thought of adding a second question restating the status of the submission, but there are no guarantees that someone won’t go in and edit the form several times.


Barb Beiswenger answered

    Survey Gizmo provides a link for the user to edit their responses to the form. I don’t know if that is using the Login/Password Action. 

    The form does have multiple pages. I don’t care if the changes are saved, but I would like the user to have to answer the last question and hit submit if any changes are made to any part of the form. I cannot trust that the users will go to the last page without SG prompting them. However, since the question is required, if it is set to null, wouldn’t SG force the user to go to the last page to answer the question again?



    Barb Beiswenger answered
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      How are the forms being edited? That makes a big difference as to what functionality is available.

      My first guess would be that you are using a Login/Password Action.

      If this is true, you could use a Custom Script action to set the value of the Status question to null each time the page loads ( ). The problem with this is that unless you have a single page form, each time a user hits a Next or Back button their changes are saved, so you would have to depend on the user get to the last page with your status question before the validation on that question will be checked. 

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