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When sending a ‘resend’ on specific people sometimes the action is automatically shown as having been resent, but on others nothing happened.  I made a second attempt and nothing happened on a couple of contacts where this occurred.  Is there a reason why some would show and others not?  Looking at the email address shows those with a particular email address had the automatic message.   Is there a time delay or ‘no show’ for some email providers?   

seanmcnally380846 answered

    When it shows as resend it is to one specific email provider.  The others cover a broad range of email addresses.  So far the other email addresses are not showing any resend.  When I look at the campaign history, the ones that did not show a resend are still not showing they were actually resent.  Unfortunately I’ve not got responses from the resend (showing) group so I don’t know it the non-showing group was sent.

    This is the first time I’ve used the individual resend feature, so I’ve no base line expectations beyond seeing it being resent.


    seanmcnally380846 answered

      Have you seen any patterns across the emails where the status does not show up? Are they all on a specific domain or perhaps in a specific location (same company)?

      The ones that don’t show up right away – do they show up eventually?

      I haven’t personally encountered this but am wondering if there are any patterns.

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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