[Solved] Required question function not working in Mobile


Can anyone advise me why my survey’s required questions are working in the desktop mode (users are not allowed to proceed until the question is answered) but not working in tablet mode (users are allowed to proceed until the question is answered)

John Makras answered

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    Hi Woontner,

    I think I may know what is causing this trouble for you. What you have described sounds very similar to an issue with our One at a Time interaction mode. Currently, no validation is enforced until the end of an “actual” survey page, as opposed to the “virtual” pages that are presented visually in the One at a Time interaction mode. This leads to a disjointed experience, because a respondent doesn’t find out until later that they answered a question incorrectly.

    This is scheduled to be improved in the near future — please subscribe to the “What’s New” category to find out as soon as this has been updated! :)

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered

      has this been resolved?


      John Makras answered
        Lola Gill 6.93K Rep.

        This may depend on the question type… perhaps it’s a table question where you are specifying that a minimum number of rows is answered – I could seen this behaving differently on a mobile device.

        Not sure if this is it but thought I would mention it just in case.

        Lola Gill answered


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