[Solved] How do I keep the required asterisk from displaying on the following line by itself?


When I use the “required” flag for a question that isn’t numbered, it correctly displays the red asterisk at the end of the question.  But when I use the “required” flag with a question that does include numbering (“Skip numbering for this question” is not selected), the asterisk drops to the next line and appears by itself, which looks odd.

I’m guessing it’s a css class issue — numbered questions are wrapped in a class, and then the asterisk is inserted outside the class.

Anyone else have this issue, or is there a simple css fix for config setting that I’ve missed?



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    you can still make questions required but have the asterick not be displayed. You can do this in the Style tab/Text/Text Options. Uncheck required astericks.

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      Should have Googled a little more. I inspected the source and looks like Norton is injecting an object in the code that’s interfering with the CSS:

      <object cotype=”cs” id=”SILOBFWOBJECTID” style=”width: 0px; height: 0px; display: block;” type=”cosymantecnisbfw”>

      Haven’t yet figured out how to work around the problem. Can’t override the display attribute from CSS because it’s specified inline.

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