Can I require payment (using the payment form) prior to completing a survey?


I have a survey that I want participants to pay for prior to answering the questions, but each time I have tried to move the payment action to the beginning of the survey I get errors (though I have kept it after the payment options question).  I don’t know if I am just doing something wrong, or it the payment forms are not intended to be used this way.  Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated! 



Justin - Technical Zen Master answered

    Hey Kelly –

    The payment action can be utilized anywhere on the survey (though I would begin testing it on Page 2).  I was jut able to test this functionality, and it appears that the ‘Next’ button isn’t displayed until the payment action has been completed by default.

    So, in your scenario, I would try building a brand new Payment Action as opposed to moving it around. Here’s some additional information (if you haven’t been through it yet).


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