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I’m working on a vba macro that creates questions via API calls.
I’ve worked up a way that creates the requireother property in the http request when I create the option for the question:
“&properties[requireother]=TRUE” which sets the special setting to ‘requireother’.

however, i don’t actually see the text box until I manually look the question option page via the web browser and press save.

it’s as if the system doesn’t recogince the property.
did this happen to anyone else? is there a proper way to resolve the situation?

in the attached picture
1. after using the api call.
2. notice that the option is set to require other.
3. after entreing and exising the option, the textbox appears.



Reylissa Miranti answered

    I know this is an old post, but I am currently having this problem. Yes, I also set properties[other] to true. With both set to true:

    I get a “successful” response which includes properties:

    “properties”: {
    “disabled”: false,
    “other”: false,
    “requireother”: “true”

    Why does setting other as true not work? Why is requireother a string “true” instead of the boolean? Casing doesn’t matter. Documentation suggests both of these settings should work.

    Same as the original poster, this doesn’t affect the survey, but appears as “Other – Write In (Required)” in the portal and takes effect if I click Save from there.

    Is there a different way I can format the API call that will work to enable write-ins without going through the portal? Or is this a bug? If so, would it possibly be fixed soon?

    Reylissa Miranti answered
      IS 2.21K Rep.

      You only demonstrated that you set properties[requireother]=TRUE

      Did you also set properties[other]=TRUE ?

      IS answered


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