[Solved] request for information necessary for a report and exported data


I, my team, and my respondents like to have a report with variable label and reporting value on it. We think it is a basic feature for SG.

Plus, we are not satisfied with the data export format. We need this feature badly: CSV data shows reporting value rather than option labels  and SAV data gives labels rather than just reporting values.

Currently,  we see data exported from SG look like this:

CSV : data cells are filled with labels and there seems no way to export reporting values;
SAV: data only have reporting values but having no option labels.

Thrid, what could we do if we want to customize variable labels? The current default setting takes survey questions directly as variable label. Please instuct me how to do it if such customization is possible. 




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    Hi Frank!

    CSV exports should always show reporting values. It does seem like it would be useful to have an option to toggle that though.


    SPSS would be the only way to export both option labels and values. You can customize variable names in spss following these instructions.

    You can also chance the variable label within the export by clicking customize and changing the wording in the variable label column


    I hope this was helpful.

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