Repositioning the “Button Bar” to directly below the question when using “one at a time”


I have tried various options with the HTML but cant seem to make it work.  Basically I want the “Button Bar” to appear just below , in this instance, the Essay long answer box rather than at the bottom of the window.

I also want it to appear below the Horizontal Radio buttons answers when they come up “one at a time”


Any suggestions gratefully received.


Thanks folks!!



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    Let me first say, that I don’t recommend making these changes without thoroughly testing the results with your survey. I am not sure what side effects these style changes might have.

    The changes you need to make are to positions normally controlled by factors that change based on browser type and setting for your survey. To override the default settings from the HTML/CSS editor, I am including the !important directive on all of these settings.

    Anyway, these CSS settings seemed to work for me on a simple survey:

    .sg-question-set { height:auto !important; }

    .sg-question-set> {
    padding-bottom:10px !important;
    .sg-progress-bar {
    margin-top: 10px !important;
    bottom:auto !important;
    .sg-footer {
    position:static !important;

    IS answered


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