Reports: Safety Conversations 2016


Q: Under Reports for eg. Body Mechanics, I have responses that are more than what I have people doing the safety conversations. My boss is asking if that is an accurate figures. The # of people completing those conversations seems less. This is under each categories under the responses collected.

Caring for Pt. of size, Clutter and Cord Management. etc. See the resp. below.

Please advise.

My name is Vineshni and I could be reached at 916-973-4874.

 Clutter & Cord Management     Safe At Risk Responses %#%##Work areas, walkways or exits are clear of slip, trip and fall hazards such as cords, wires and chairs78.2%8621.8%24110Eliminates unnecessary items from workplace95.1%974.9%5102Maintains work area free of cords, clutter, equipment and/or machines85.7%7814.3%1391Temporary electrical cords that cross aisles or walking areas are properly taped or anchored to the floor89.9%7110.1%879Ensures cords are properly secured in patient rooms or work areas88.1%7411.9%1084Other Behavior Observed (please list below)95.7%444.3%246Takes stretch breaks0.0%00.0%00Establishs and communicates a designated safety zone for sharps transfer within the surgical field0.0%00.0%00Sterile water is available on surgical back table0.0%00.0%00Other Behavior Observed (please list below)0.0%00.0%00

Russ Palchak asked

    It is difficult to tell from your request – is the question a checkbox type question?

    If so, look at this community posting from a few months ago that explained the problem – . This has a brief explanation of the problem and includes a link to detailed article that explains how percentages for checkbox questions are calculated.

    I am also flagging your request for the attention of the SurveyGizmo Support team.  You posted your telephone number on the public Community forum, and i don’t think that is something you intended to do.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered
      • Hi SG,

        It is under the reports section, by behavior Analysis Summary. I was wondering how the responses are more than what we get per total responses collected by department.

        Behavior Analysis Summary
        Safety Conversations January 2016
        Body Mechanics
        Safe At Risk Responses
        % # % # #
        Transporting/Moving: when transporting or moving an empty bed or gurney, the height is at waist level with wrists in neutral position 97.2% 207 2.8% 6 213
        Proper Lifting: test the load, balanced wide stance, grasp with both hands (if trash, biohazard bag or linen grasp at knot and keep 12″ away from body 93.9% 201 6.1% 13 214
        Proper Lifting: assesses the weight of the object 96.3% 207 3.7% 8 215
        Proper Lifting: lifts with legs and keeps back straight 96.1% 199 3.9% 8 207
        Proper Lifting: keeps object close to body 96.0% 190 4.0% 8 198
        Pushing/Pulling: no pulling, push only one piece of equipment at a time using 2 hands, waist level (excludes wheeled totes) 94.4% 170 5.6% 10 180
        Pushing/Pulling: no pulling, use proper body mechanics and hand position when pushing or moving: gurneys, wheel chairs, equipment, totes, etc. 94.4% 168 5.6% 10 178
        Reaching: if reaching above shoulder level, use appropriate step stool and avoid over extending by keeping objects close 96.8% 182 3.2% 6 188
        Other Behavior Observed (please list below) 96.2% 125 3.8% 5 130



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