Two reporting values for one question


Is there a way to have two reporting values for one question? 

The primary reason for this is when I export these values to an Excel file, I want to see two different values. For example, I have several events that volunteers can go to. When a volunteers selects which event they helped, I would like two reporting values for that question: 

1.) Which event they attended
2.) Time volunteered

If there are other suggestions I am happy to hear them! THANKS!!!

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    You could do this with custom scripting.

    Your first step would be to create a hidden question ( for the “2) How long is the event” question.  This question should be a radio-button type question with your expected answer options and reporting values.

    The next step would be to insert an admin-only page ( after the page that has question #1.  This page will contain the custom script.

    The custom script is a series of simple two line IF-THEN statements.  It first uses the sgapiGetValue ( to read the response to question #1.  It then uses the sgapiSetValue ( to answer question #2. In pseudo code it would look something like this:

    IF sgapiGetValue(1) ==”Event #1″;
    sgapiSetValue(2, “1.5 hours”);

    Some of our more elegant programmers would string all of the possible combinations into one IF-THEN-ELSE statement.  I prefer to use  a series of IF-THEN statements because it will be easier to understand when I come back to the survey six months later and try to understand what I was doing. 

    An alternative to custom scripting would be to edit the Excel file itself – sort the file on question #1, add a column for question #2, and manually place the needed values.

    Amelito Enriquez39417 commented

      No – unfortunately there is no easy way to conditionally change reporting values.  You could probably develop a JavaScript that could do this, but it should not be necessary to torture the program like that.

      Can you explain why it is necessary to have two different reporting values for one answer option?   Would it be easier to use answer option logic?

      Amelito Enriquez39417 commented
        • That is unfortunate. Reason I wanted two reporting values for one option is so that when I download the data into an excel file, I will see the two reporting values.

          For example, if I ask “Which event did you volunteer in?”

          They would select ” Event #1″ and I would set it to report:

          1.) The name of the event
          2.) How long the event was

          It would have made it easier for me to organize the data once I had the excel file.

          An alternative to this is to ask two questions. Any suggestions?


        Good morning Jim,

        I see where the confusion is. Is there a way to have two reporting values for one option?

        Amelito Enriquez39417 answered

          Could you please clarify your question.  Reporting values represent the answer options, not the question.  For example, if I had a radio-button type question that asked “Was the music too loud?”, I could set up reporting values that would represent the answer options YES and NO.  

          So the answer to you initial question is yes, you can have many reporting values for one question. But I don’t think that is the answer you are actually looking for.

          Jim W (Moderator) answered


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