Reporting Values are not correct in the Export


Hi Team,

For the following study, the excel export shows the ID/number instead of the actual values for option type questions. Before capturing the responses, it was set it as ‘Custom’ and now, we updated them as ‘Auto’. Still we do not see the selected values in the report.

Could you please take a look and let us know how to fix this issue?

Study link:

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Mary L (Moderator) answered


    Unfortunately the study link you have included does not work for people outside of your network. As a moderator I can’t go into your survey to see the issue you are describing.  If I understand your question correctly, you want the header row to display the question/option rather than a number. To make the change, navigate to “Edit Report Settings”, click the “Settings” tab and select “Default” as the option for the Header Format.


    I hope this addresses your question! 



    Mary L (Moderator) answered


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