Reporting on Scale Scores?


I have several survey items that are part of different measures (i.e. Employee Engagement, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment). Is there a way to combine items 1-12 to develop scale scores for the reporting?


For example, I’m looking to filter my data by demographics (department, state, etc.) and then show the Engagement levels for that demographic.

Holly answered

    These codes make no sense for what I am trying to do! This is the worst customer service I have experienced, can’t somebody tell me how to do what I want to do when I pay hundreds of dollars a month?

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      • Hi Holly,

        Thank you for posting on the SurveyGizmo Community user forum.

        I’m very sorry for the trouble here! It looks like you have also been in touch with our Support team (via a ticket) and a feature request was logged.

        A feature to average a score for multiple questions within a report is not currently available in SurveyGizmo. As such, a potential workaround would require a custom solution via Custom Scripting (as was suggested below by Jim – a fellow SurveyGizmo user).

        The SurveyGizmo Support team can help point you in the right direction with regard to documented scripting solutions:

        With regard to developing or consulting on custom solutions, our Programming Services team can assist with these:

        I’m sorry for the trouble caused by these limitations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team with any follow-up questions.

        I hope this helps clarify,

        David Domagalski
        Documentation Specialist | Customer Experience
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      Hi Holly,

      There is no “off-the-shelf” function that would do this within SurveyGizmo.  If your account allows it, you could setup a custom script that would obtain a respondent’s answers (sgapiGetValue) and calculate a score,  This value could then be entered as the answer to a hidden question (sgapiSetValue). 

      If you account does not allow for custom scripting, you can export the response data to MS Excel to do the necessary calculations and filtering.  My team would probably prefer this option, since it allows us to see the numbers and gives us greater confidence in the results.

      Good luck!

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