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Hi There,

I am trying to use the Advanced Filter on a report to remove our internal responses, but keep our customer responses. All internal responses use email addresses that end in@fred or@fred .com – to do this I have set the Advanced filter up as follows:  


However, it doesn’t quite seem to work as expected – and seems to include@fred and@fred .com still in the responses list.


However if I remove the@fred .com (and keep only in the Advanced Filter it works ‘better’ but still leaves an@fred .com response that I wish to remove?


Any help appreciated?



Nicole Sorbell answered

    Thanks for this – good to know for future.

    In this instance I ended up getting around it by using 2x Question Answer (email) does not contain options instead.


    Nicole Sorbell answered
      IS 2.21K Rep.

      You just need to change the OR between your tests to an AND.

      Right now the response is included if it does not match the first pattern or it does not match the second pattern. only a response the matches both would be suppressed.

      Changing to an AND, a response is included if it does not match either pattern.

      Logic with negatives (e.g. does not contain) can often be confusing.

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