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I am reporting on a survey in several locations and I want to provide each one with their own results and either the results of everyone or ideally the results of everyone else (excluding their own).  Is there a way to do this easily.  I can see how to do it once, but it will be a bore to do it for each location all over again.

Tim Benson asked

    I guess the best way to show those filtered in and those filtered out side by side is to export the reports to Excel. Am I right on this?  


    Tim Benson answered

      Hey Tim,


      The best way to accomplish something like this would be to make a summary report for each location and filter out that location. This way the report shows every other location but the one you will be sending that report to.


      This document on filtering reports should be very helpful:



      Basically you will want to set your filter logic to Location is not exactly equal to “the location you will be sending the report to”.


      Hopefully minimizing the amount of logic you need to input for the filter will make creating these reports a little easier for you!





      Cliff McGrupp answered


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