Can a report that is using a segment also show the open text comments?


I created a report, added a segment based on the answers to the question, What is your gender identity? and its answers Man and Woman. When I look a the report online or the downloaded PDF, any question that included an Other (please specify) open text field does not show those open text responses. What am I doing wrong?

Megan Bronson45580 answered

    Thanks much David. I posted the question here before I was able to chat with Josh. I figured a belt & suspenders approach might be good. Thanks for updating me here. I look forward to hearing more from Josh.

    Megan Bronson45580 answered

      Hi Megan,

      I wanted to place a note here as I see other SG users are monitoring this post. I noticed that you have spoken with Josh on the SG Support Team regarding the ‘other’ textbox entries not displaying when your Standard Report is segmented.

      He has since escalated this issue to be addressed and he will keep you posted via that ticket.

      Thank you for posting here and participating in the SurveyGizmo User Community!

      My apologies for the trouble!


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