Report sections don´t show


The HTML reports don´t show all sections. This applies to the first 2 – 3 sections. The are just text sections with intruductory text and some lists with facts (e.g. reporting date). When I refresh the view, the sections show momentarily and then disappear.


Also, when I try to add a new section with an image, nothing is inserted.


Please, let me know if this is a known problem. 

Scott Formica283707 answered

    Thanks for posting to SurveyGizmo Community Forum.  The other SurveyGizmo users on the forum will be able to provide you with better guidance if you can clarify a few things.

    The HTML reports that you refer to – are these the Standard Reports that SurveyGizmo creates?  Your fellow SurveyGizmo users cannot see the sections that you refer to, so an explanation of what these sections are would be helpful.  What view are  you refreshing?

    Your fellow SurveyGizmo users are happy to share the knowledge and experience – just provide us with some additional information and we will be happy to help.


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