How do I report on how many multi choice answers people selected?


I have a number of multiple choice questions in my survey where we let people select ore than one answer. In addition to viewing which answers they selected, I also want to be able to see a count of how many answer options people selected.

Is there a way to run a report on this and not have to work it out manually from the exported spreadsheet?

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    You can do this with custom scripting.

    Your first step would be to add a hidden question to your survey to receive the number.  

    The sgapiCheckboxTotalChecked function will return the number of checkboxes that have been selected in a question.

    The sgapiSetValue function would then be used to place the number into your hidden question.

    In psuedo-code, the custom script would look something like this:

    xvalue = sgapiCheckboxTotalChecked(qid5);

    You can then use the hidden number in your reports.

    Good luck.



    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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