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I’ve created my report, but it won’t fully download – gets to 21% regardless of whether i do PDF or Word? Any ideas?

Sheila Bloom answered

    Hi Mary, yes I am – I can view the report but can’t create a PDF version of it,it keeps sticking at 21%. 

    Damian Hart327378 commented

      I’ve had this issue a few times, especially with the new Standard report.  I forget what the specific issue was, but Survey Gizmo support was able to create a copy of the report and got it working.  So first, try to copy the report and see if the copy acts the same way.  If it does, then email support directly and have them look at that report.  

      Hope that works for you.

      Damian Hart327378 commented

        Hi Damian, Are you still experiencing issues? 

        SG Admin commented
          • Hi Mary, I am yes – can you help?

          • Mary, can you help with this problem – I really need to be able to download this survey as a PDF and also in excel, but both ways get to 21% then stick. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

          • Hi Damian,

            Our Support Team has reached out via a support ticket directly to your email to assist with this issue.

            I’m afraid Mary, as a Moderator on this community forum is not able to view your surveys or reports.

            We look forward to hearing back from you via the ticket.

            Best regards,

            Survey Explorer
            SurveyGizmo Customer Support



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