Can I report off of demographic related headers in my email campaign?


Hey all! 


I am building a survey we are sending out to our entire customer base. I want to keep the survey short, and to the point as it is pertaining to NPS. 


I have most of their information, and I can load that into my e-mail campaign. For example, a header for what type of user it is… like… New user… Experienced User… etc.

When I load the campaign with that demographic information, when I start collecting results, will I be able to easily report off of those fields?




Dominic Sharpe answered

    You will be able to filter your report based on these fields. You will need to create an ‘advanced filter’ as described here:

    If you want to have more flexibility with these campaign fields, you can feed them into hidden files on your survey. This article should be a good starting point if you want to pursue this:

    You can create Hidden Values to capture your campaign field data:

    I hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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