Report CSS: Hiding chart, keeping Statistics Table


In sharing my results in PDF form, I’d like to only offer the average score for a Rating Question, without any additional information about the individual frequency of responses. The closest I’ve come to achieving this is an Area Chart with the chart itself hidden. However, the Statistics Table looks pretty terrible all the way off by itself to the right. Any way to change this with css? 

In the image attached – I’d like to show only the information in the Commitment question, not the extraneous information in the Embraces Change question. 

Aura asked

    After hiding the charts with the built-in settings, you can add this to the “Append Custom CSS” box in the Style tab of the report:

    .pull-right {
    float: none !important;

    It won’t reflect when you’re viewing the report in the application, but if you check out the Share link or download the report to PDF, you should see the change. Hope this helps!

    Caitlin - SurveyGizmo answered
      • That’s great, thanks! Is there a way to hide the actual word “Statistics”? I am essentially trying to hide everything but the actual number – though I’d be okay with leaving the “Average” on there. I was just wondering if the “Statistics” can be removed.



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