Repeat text list responses to a follow-on text list (or text grid)


Hi there – I have a dire need to be able to have someone enter a list of things, then add a text comment on each of the things they entered.  This HAS to be on two separate pages (i cannot have them enter it all at once b/c there’s too much to explain). 

So, for example, “Enter the names of up to 6 people you know”, then on the next page “Tell me something you like about each person” ideally with the list of names repeated, followed by a text box for “something you like”.

Can’t find a way to do it.

Approach A: After the respondents enter the names (text list), simply gather what they like using a second “what you like” text list question and “Repeat this question for each selected option from a previously answered question”.  Unfortunately this option does not take the results of a previous text question as a “feed” (probably because the # of results can be “infinite”).

Approach B: I tried using the hidden variables of the “names” responses for the rows in the “what you like” text list and, while it worked, is clumsy because it has the “infinite” response issue – and worse, if someone goes back and adjusts their names list, the new “names” list is not updated for the “what you like” question on the next page (even if i update the hidden variables using a script).

Approach C: Use a text grid as the follow-on “what you like” question, pipe the answers from the “names” question into the first column of the grid, capture what they like in the second column. This gets around the “infinite” answer issue – but can’t do. There is no method to prefill first column of a text grid (grrr).

Wide open to any other ideas & approaches – can involve hidden variables and scripting if needed.   THANKS!

Jim Wetherill answered

    In similar scenarios we have used the CUSTOM GROUP question to get the initial list of items.  We have found the text box list question difficult to work with while the individual questions within the CUSTOM GROUP are much better for facilitating followup questions.

    Jim Wetherill answered


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