How do I repeat a page for multiple questions?



I have a page of questions that is repeated for every answer choice from a question in a previous page. I would like to do this for multiple questions in the previous page.

Under repeat tab for page edit, I can only select one question for which to repeat my page of questions. I would like to be able to repeat it for multiple questions.

The questions on the previous page have logic to them, that’s why there are multiple questions. But what I want to ask following those questions are the same. I need to repeat the page because I have piped in values from what they selected from the previous questions.

Thank you!





Jim W (Moderator) answered

    Hi Chris,

    If I understand your problem correctly, you would like to set up one page that would be repeated based on the responses to several different questions.  Unfortunately, this is not possible.

    The PAGE REPEAT function is set to repeat a page based on the responses to a single question.  If you think about this in terms of analyzing the response data, this makes sense. This allows the follow-up responses to be logically/properly organized in the response database, making analysis easier.

    The simplest option is to create multiple copies of the RepeatedPage and have each one of them respond to a different question on your PreviousPage.  If your account level allows it, it may be possible to write a custom script to create this functionality.  But this would be a very complex piece of work to develop and I think that you would hit the point of diminishing returns very quickly.

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