[Solved] REminders being sent to people who responded to my survey


I sent out a small survey to 34 people, including myself, by uploading contacts and launching an email campaign.  I immediately answered the survey and was recorded as answering fully.  In addition, at least 4 other people responded and were recorded as answering fully.  However, all five of us received reminders to finish the survey (as well as probably everyone else that responded.)  This seems contrary to the description of how the reminder system works.  

To make things stranger, the stats say that 34 emails were sent but that there were NO responses.  The results section however shows that there were 23 responses!

Can anyone explain how this happened and how prevent reminders from being sent to people who have already responded to a survey?


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    Hi there,

    My first thought in a situation such as this would be that the default link was likely included in the email campaign message and that was used to access the survey. Because the default link is not trackable, your status in the email campaign would still be “not started” so a reminder would be sent.

    Could you check your email campaign and see if you have the default link in the body of the email? If not, please send us an email at support@sgizmo.com and let us know which survey you’re seeing this behavior in and we’ll take a look with you.



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