Reload customer data capture form as blank


We use the customer a data capture form so that customers can submit the names and contact details of their friends.  However, when they select to add a second or subsequent contact, the form reloads containing the contact info that they just entered.  How can we get it to reload as a blank webform please?  Thanks. 

Michael Sacher asked

    Thanks for your answer.  In the end I contacted support and they told me how to code it correctly.  Thank you!

    Michael Sacher answered

      I’m not sure if there is enough info here to fully advise you on what to do… it sounds like the link that you are having them click on is to add the subsequent contact is in some way unique (and thus funneling the respondent into their original response).

      Should you want them to create a new response, you would want the link that they click on to be more general (but again,  I am not completely sure how you are going about this)

      If you can provide some additional details here, specifically to what the link that is being clicked looks like, that should help community users advise you better.

      Hope this helps

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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