[Solved] [Release Notes] Wednesday, October 7th


Hey Everyone, we released the following fixes yesterday, enjoy!  🙂

  •  Page Logic based on a URL variable is not working on the first page of the survey

  • Style tab preview is not reflecting changes you make to a new theme once you hit save, until you reload URL.

  • If you change your poll colors in the theme builder, it does not reflect in your embed

  • Email action setting to “only send once for each response” doesn’t do anything (Seems to be Chrome ONLY, FF is okay)

  • Conditionally Require not working with Custom Group and Contact Form sub-questions.

  • Slider list grid math is rounding badly for percentages not easily divisible by 100

  • The File Upload Question “Browse” button, is un-clickable in the bottom part of the button in Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

  • In Individual Responses, if you click on a response that had been DQd and redirected, you will also be redirected. Basically, it prevents you from accessing data for DQd responses in the Individual Responses tab.

  • Disabled Rows of Custom Tables/Custom Groups when question is required are not letting you proceed.

Jon - The Survey Dude asked

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    Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Topper Shull answered


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