[Release Notes] Wednesday, August 31st, 2016


Hey Everyone!

Can you believe this is the last day of August already?  Time flies when you are having fun building surveys!  🙂  Here is a list of the items we released yesterday, check ’em out below!

  • FIX – [STANDARD REPORT] Bar and pie charts are white instead of transparent
  • ENHANCEMENT – [STANDARD REPORT] : Add ability to use question alias in place of question title – You can now display your question titles as your question alias in Standard Reports! 🙂 Go to Options>Question Elements to see the new option! – http://screencast.com/t/ttyslnF0EQ
  • FIX – [STANDARD REPORTS] [PARITY] Statistics are not working in quiz score actions
  • ENHANCEMENT – [API] Currently no way to add standard reports to the api – You can now do GET or PUT requests now, but no POSTS
  • FIX – [HOME PAGE] Strange issue where none of our styles are loading on the Dashboard intermittently
  • ENHANCEMENT – [STANDARD REPORT] When new questions are added to a survey, prompt user if they would like to add it to the report.

Please let our Support Heroes know if you are still having issues with any of the above features or if you have any questions!

-SG Engineers

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