[Release Notes] Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016


Hey there,

We had a few great items released yesterday, check out the list below!  :)

  • FIX – [CROSSTAB] PDF downloads from crosstab reports are being downloaded with an extra sg-report-page
  • FIX – [STANDARD REPORT] Question Piped Data Not Displaying Properly in Standard Report
  • FIX – [REPORTS][LEGACY SUMMARY REPORT] When you create a Summary Report that groups Custom Tables by Row, it removes the Question Titles and replaces with TableRow-0-etc… When you try to edit the Headline (or really any element in the report), it breaks that element – This is now working correctly in Standard Reports, we will not be offering any fixes to Legacy Summary Reports.
  • FIX – [STANDARD REPORT] If you have a segment and a question with the ‘display all others’ option triggered, it hides the charts of other questions
  • FIX – [CROSSTAB] Checkbox question with single answer option used in crosstab shows no data in the report
  • FIX – [HOME PAGE] Some Enterprise/Dedicated accounts are getting a Modal-dialogue that keeps popping up on each screen in the account, makes account unusable for non-admin users
  • FIX – [OFFLINE] Offline Caching not currently working
  • FIX – [STANDARD REPORTS] Unchecking “NA Options in Global Override is causing averages / stats to disappear
  • FIX – [ADVANCED] [RESPONSE SETTINGS] Slashes being added when single/double quotes are in the duplicate message
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